Jon Tomus Talent, LLC - Talent Representation

Seeking representation?  Jon Tomus Talent is always open for new talent submissions. Interested talent may submit the required information by US-Mail only (e-mailed submissions are not accepted and will be deleted)…walk-ins and phone calls are not only discouraged but will land you on our “Do Not Call/Does Not Listen” list.

Please understand that, once submitted, we will not return your materials.

Remember: Walk-ins, phone calls or e-mails from talent seeking representation WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Unsolicited material may only be submitted by post.

Please submit the following for the position you are looking to get representation for:


  • Actors, Stunt pros, Thespians, Motivational speakers & Liturgists: 8” x 10” color headshot, resume and demo reel
  • Models: 8” x 10” color headshot, 8” x 10” color full body shot and composite card
  • Voiceover: 8” x 10” color headshot, resume and voice demo
  • News anchors:  8” x 10” color headshot, resume and aircheck
  • Extras and Stand-ins:  8” x 10” color headshot and resume
  • Musicians and Singers: 8” x 10” color headshot and music demo
  • Composers: music demo
  • For all talent BEHIND the lens:  resume and sampling of work

Under the age of 18:

Actors, Models, Thespians, Extras, Musicians and Singers UNDER the age of 18:

Submit accordingly as stated for these positions listed under “Adult” but add a letter of consent signed by a parent or legal guardian.  Please know that since children under the age of 18 change quickly you will need to resubmit new headshots (and accompanying material for the position) every 6 months.

Mailing in your materials does not guarantee representation.

We will contact you if we believe you would be a good fit with Jon Tomus Talent.  If we do not contact you, please feel free to resubmit once 6 months have expired from the date of your original submission.

Mail your materials to:

Office of Talent Acquisitions
c/o Jon Tomus Talent
15200 E. Jefferson Ave, Ste 101-K
Grosse Pointe Park, MI  48230